30,000 photos

by Gerald Oskoboiny

This page has a chronological list of links to various photo collections I have online. Many have access restricted to family, friends, and colleagues.

There is also a list of public photos, and lists of public photos by location, keyword, and date.

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I have some more photos online, too, but I haven't found them all yet.

I think almost every photo I've taken from 1998 onward is online but I have a lot of catching up to do for earlier years. (why bother?)

The photo pages on my web site are generated using some photo metadata management software I wrote (still a work-in-progress.)

One day I would like to write up some of my favorite photography tips; in the meantime, I highly recommend National Geographic's Photography Field Guide: Secrets to Making Great Pictures: it's a clear, concise book with excellent tips and illustrations of each concept. (e.g. rule of thirds; including an interesting object in the foreground to avoid boring pictures of scenery; etc.)

Harbour Bridge at dusk, Sydney, Australia, Oct 2005

Clown fish, Great Barrier Reef, Australia, Oct 2005

Yellow fishies, Great Barrier Reef, Australia, Nov 2005

Colosseum at night, Rome, Italy, Oct 2002

Tables and gondolas, Venice, Italy, Sep 2002

St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican City, Vatican, Oct 2002

Watching the sunset on Waikiki Beach, Hawaii, May 2002

Lifeguard chair on the beach, Hawaii, May 2002

US Capitol Building, Washington DC, USA, April 2001

A decaying brick wall, Portugal, June 2000

BMX biker on halfpipe, Ottawa, Canada, September 2000

Waves crashing on Curtis in Anglet, France, June 2000

A kid playing on the beach, Meech Lake, July 2002

A rocky island in Lagos, Portugal, June 2000

Peggy's Cove, Halifax, Canada, August 2000

Sunset, San Sebastian, Spain, June 2000

Canoes on the shore of a lake in Algonquin Park, June 2001

New York Stock Exchange, Manhattan, NY, USA, February 2000

Friends around a campfire, Ontario, Canada, August 2000

Grottoes, Lagos, Portugal, June 2000

A fire station, Manhattan, NY, USA, February 2000

My reflection in a silver ball, February 2001

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