Things I did in 2005

by Gerald Oskoboiny

This page records stuff I did in 2005. See also: 2004, 2006, or who cares?

Jan 20-25, 2005
Spam conference at MIT, Cambridge (Fri Jan 21)
Jan 27-Feb 6, 2005
Visited friends in Vancouver and Seattle, went boarding at Whistler; woohoo!
Feb 28-Mar 3, 2005
Meetings in Cambridge.
Apr 30-May 3, 2005
Maureen visited!
May 12-17, 2005
Mom and Friede visited!
May 23-31, 2005
Moved to a new apartment (within Ottawa)
May 28, 2005
Curtis and Marnie's wedding
June 2-10, 2005

Work/vacation in Antibes, France. (meetings on June 8-9.)

Stayed at an apartment in Antibes. Useful links: weather

June 10-12, 2005
Grand Prix weekend in Montreal
June 25-26, 2005
Intro whitewater kayaking course with Liquid Skills at River Run
June 30-July 10, 2005
Montreal Jazz fest
July 7-17, 2005
Ottawa Bluesfest
July 9, 2005
HOPE beach volleyball tournament
July 15-17, 2005
Whitewater kayaking at Palmer Rapids on the Madawaska with the Paddler Co-Op.
July 22, 2005
Spent the day at La Ronde in Montreal; brain got scrambled from too many roller coaster rides.
July 22-23, 2005

Just For Laughs festival in Montreal.

Friday, saw the Alternative Comedy Show; highlights for me were Eddie Pepitone and Brian Posehn.

Saturday, saw New Faces of Comedy hosted by Alonzo Bodden.

Aug 8-15, 2005
Visited family and friends in Edmonton; family trip to Radium BC.
Aug 20-21, 2005
Ultimate playoffs (Mon/Wed leagues)
Sep 7-10, 2005
Trip to Edmonton for Blaine and Tammy's wedding on Sep 9.
Sep 10, 2005
Oct 23-Nov 24, 2005

Fantastic vacation in Australia (diving, surfing, etc.)

On the way there I visited Tristen and Deb in Vancouver and rode the north shore :)

Nov 28-Dec 3, 2005
W3C meetings in Montreal; stayed at the Marriott Chateau Champlain. Went go-karting on Dec 2; see Hugo's photos.
Dec 5, 2005
Happy birthday to me! (hint, hint)
Dec 18-27, 2005
Visited family and friends in Edmonton.

See also: 2004, 2006.

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