Digital photo publishing software

by Gerald Oskoboiny

This page has notes on software I use to maintain my online photo collection.


captivate is a perl script I use to extract metadata from pictures, add captions/descriptions/etc, write the combined metadata to an XML/RDF file, and then generate HTML pages with various views of this data. Related pointers:

If you are interested in using captivate with your pictures, I have written a quick list of the steps I use to publish photos on my site. I hope to make this process easier real soon now.

Random scripts

Most of the other software I have used recently to manage my photo stuff is in this source directory; I'll try to add more notes/docs later.

Here's some other old/unmaintained stuff in random places on my site; I don't necessarily recommend using any of this stuff:

Related stuff

I encourage any interesting feedback on this page to be sent to linux-dp, fogo, or oclug, as appropriate. (or to me with Cc to www-archive if you don't want to send mail to a list but don't mind your mail being publicly archived.)

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