Overview of the party

MIT LCS 35th anniversary party
April 1999

by Gerald Oskoboiny

MIT's Lab for Computer Science turned 35, so they threw a party at the Museum of Science, attended by Bill Gates, Michael Dertouzous, Tim Berners-Lee, and tons of other famous geeks. (and some lesser-known, but equally cool geeks)

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Bill Gates schmoozing with LCS bigwigs:

It was pretty weird getting this close to the world's richest man. I was going to introduce myself, but couldn't think of anything nice to say.

Gates, Dertouzous speaking, announcing the new LCS building-to-be:

People putting stuff in the time capsule:

(Note that Gates went last, probably inserting a virus that will destroy all the other contributions, heh, heh.)

Gates et al. observe the time capsule ceremony:

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