Things I did in 1998

by Gerald Oskoboiny

This page records stuff I did in 1998. See also: 1997, 1999, or who cares?

Jan 8, 1998
Updated my personal home page for the first time in over two years.

Jan 9, 1998
Started my exciting career in politics. (Update: I won, sort of.)

Jan 30-Feb 1, 1998
Went skiing in Killington with Scott, Tristen, Chris

Feb 16, 1998
Bought a book over the net for the first time.

March 23, 1998
Bought groceries over the net for the first time.

March 27-29, 1998
Went to New York city with Pete et al. Great time! See photos/details.

March 29, 1998
Accessed my bank account over the net for the first time, using the amazingly cool net-centric bank SFNB.

Apr 3-5, 1998
Weekend in Toronto with Pete, Curtis et al. See photos.

Pete, 6:30am (just before turning in for the night):

"Well boys we've got plenty of time!"

(you had to be there)

April 19, 1998
Applied for an online trading account with Datek Online, after spending several frustrating hours waiting for tons of useless images to load on sites like E*Trade and Ameritrade. I found an excellent web page with unbiased reviews of each service, leading to my decision to go with Datek.

May 3-17, 1998
Went to California for the Future of HTML workshop (in San Francisco) and SANS 98 conference (in Monterey.) Drank beer with JohnB and Shawn. The weather sucked!

June 20 - July 11, 1998
Went to Switzerland and France for work and Germany for vacation (@@ details/photos)

July 24, 1998
Finally released the source code for the W3C HTML Validation Service.

Aug 1-2, 1998
Went camping with Daniel, Curtis, Donna, and Kevin & family in Higley Flow State Park, upstate New York. Drank some fine Albertan beer (Pil!). Played lots of frisbee. Got a sunburn. ("I don't burn.")

Aug 10 & 13, 1998
Saw The Tragically Hip with an extremely small audience (~200-250) at Bill's Bar in Boston.

Aug 31, 1998
Moved from Brighton to Somerville. Oh my aching back!

Sept 4-7, 1998
Visited friends in Ottawa. Kicked their butts at pool. (yawn)

Sept 24-27, 1998
Chris, Siku, Tristen and Ingrid visited from Ottawa. (@@ details/photos)

Oct 2-12, 1998
Visited family & friends in Edmonton.

Oct 24, 1998
Installed a WinTV card in my home machine.

Nov 13-25, 1998
Went to Japan on a business trip. (for flexible definitions of "business")

See photos. I'll put a more detailed trip report online someday, maybe...

Nov 26, 1998
(American) Thanksgiving at SK's. Mmmm.

Nov 29, 1998
I switched my primary mail client to Mutt. It rules!

I'll write up a separate page on this later with links to my config files and some extra scripts that I wrote.

Dec 5, 1998
Happy birthday to me!

Dec 6, 1998
I installed a big honkin 17G drive in my home machine that I got from NECX for only US$350 + taxes + shipping. Drive prices nowadays are insane.
  devo: gerald> df
  Filesystem         1024-blocks  Used Available Capacity Mounted on
  /dev/sda1            2012567 1764629   143919     92%   /
  /dev/sda5             923456  497376   426080     54%   /dog
  /dev/hda3           15583643  899330 13873352      6%   /home
  /dev/hda1             507796  130326   351239     27%   /usr/local

Oh yeah!

Dec 18, 1998 - Jan 4, 1999
Visited family & friends in Edmonton.

Dec 23, 1998
Tried Proclear Compatibiles contact lenses for the first time. Highly recommended!

See also: 1997, 1999.

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