Photos, May 2002 trip to Cape Cod & Boston

by Gerald Oskoboiny

Alana and I spent May 17-21, 2002 in Cape Cod and Boston.

We flew to Boston, then rented a car and drove to Orleans, which is near the east shore at the beginning of the Cape (a good central location; see map), staying at the Seashore Park Inn. It was fairly chilly this weekend so we didn't do much swimming, but did a lot of sightseeing up and down the Cape; misc photos:

On our drive back to Boston, we drove past the A-Team in Barnstable! I was pretty excited to see that after seeing Hugo's report of when he was there.

Next, we found a grocery store and bought a bunch of treats for a yummy picnic by the river:


Back in Boston, we did the Freedom Trail (a walking tour of some of the important historical sights in Boston), followed by dinner at Trattoria Il Panino in the North End.

On Tuesday we walked around Newbury Street, then stopped in Boston Common for a while before the rain chased us away.

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