by Gerald Oskoboiny

Writing software is fun. I started out writing goofy little programs in BASIC on an Apple II when I was eleven and have kept hacking away ever since.

I seem to be better at starting software projects than finishing them (the first part is always the most fun!); anyway, here is a list of stuff in various states of completion:

Larger projects

Small, fun hacks

(not all of these are necessarily fun or interesting; just linking them from here in case they're useful to someone else)

Todo list

My todo list is infinitely long, but here are some ideas that I think are more fully baked than others, or that I expect to work on soon:

We are working on a couple ideas that'll make that 'Max Headroom' thing look like a puppet show - David Letterman

Online communities

I participate in various online communities as they come and go; some of the geekier ones have been slashdot, linux-elitists, advogato, sourceforge, oclug. I also maintain a complete list of my accounts elsewhere.

Once in a while I write about stuff in W3C's systems team's blog, e.g. recent articles on DTD traffic and email address obfuscation.

Related stuff

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