The Hypertext Usenet Reader & Linker

HURL provides a searchable Web interface to Usenet news or mailing list archives. For a sample archive system built with HURL, see the HTML Writers Guild mailing list archives or the fogo mailing list archives.


I almost never make time to work on this project. If you really want the code, please send me a short message but don't expect much; most of it was written over a decade ago (it would probably run just fine with a perl 4 interpreter...)

See also: rough design notes.


8 Apr 2010

7 May 2009

18 Feb 2001

12 Jan 2001

I made some good progress today:

Archives that use HURL

Most of the other material on this page (and linked from it) dates back to 1994 and hasn't been updated. The text above this paragraph is the only part that is up to date.

(last updated $Date: 2010/04/09 02:02:55 $.)

Implemented Features

Query page (sample)

Message list browser (sample)

Article pages (sample)

Author pages

Coming Soon

If you're a spammer, you're probably more interested in this infinite list of e-mail addresses.

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