fogo: the Friends of Gerald Oskoboiny mailing list

by Gerald Oskoboiny

What it is

fogo is a mailing list for my friends to hang out on and discuss things that interest us. See recent messages sent to the list for a sample of the traffic.

Everyone I know is welcome to join the list, and even people I don't know are welcome if you think we have similar interests. To join, use the web interface or send "subscribe" in the subject of a message to

I have a few specific purposes in mind for this list:

Before you post

Note that:

To post to the list, send a message to

There is also an IRC component to fogo, channel #fogo on, with an accompanying weblog. If you don't have an IRC client handy, you can use a lame CGI interface that I set up.


"fogo" is a ripoff of FoRK, Friends of Rohit Khare. FOIB is another spinoff of FoRK.

See also: archives of traffic to date, my home page, or notes on my web site.

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