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by Gerald Oskoboiny

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Pictures taken in Usa:

Photo: Beth pushing up

Beth pushing up

Photo: Reef


Photo: Stata Center tour

Stata Center tour

Photo: Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop history

Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop history

Photo: Ocean


Photo: Olde nawlins Cookery

Olde nawlins Cookery

Photo: Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty

Photo: Brian McWilliams

Brian McWilliams

Photo: Kings of Leon

Kings of Leon

Photo: Beth and Dan

Beth and Dan

Photo: Passion fruit

Passion fruit

Photo: Mauna Kea

Mauna Kea

Photo: Trees


Photo: New Orleans

New Orleans

Photo: Jared Followill

Jared Followill

Photo: Waimea falls

Waimea falls

Photo: Philippe


Photo: Richard Jowsey, Death2Spam

Richard Jowsey, Death2Spam

Photo: Cockroach


Photo: Stata Center tour

Stata Center tour

Photo: Gerald and lava

Gerald and lava

Photo: Subway station

Subway station

Photo: Spam conference audience

Spam conference audience

Photo: Street flasher

Street flasher

Photo: Oscar Boykin, University of Florida

Oscar Boykin, University of Florida

Photo: Flasher


Photo: Thede Loder, Marshall Van Alstyne, Rick Wash, University of Michigan

Thede Loder, Marshall Van Alstyne, Rick Wash, University of Michigan

Photo: Jonathan Zdziarski

Jonathan Zdziarski

Photo: Crashing waves

Crashing waves

Photo: Beth and Gerald

Beth and Gerald

Photo: Jon Praed, Internet Law Group

Jon Praed, Internet Law Group

Photo: Matthew Prince, Unspam LLC

Matthew Prince, Unspam LLC

Photo: Bourbon Street

Bourbon Street

Photo: Shalendra Chhabra, UC Riverside

Shalendra Chhabra, UC Riverside

Photo: Peter Kay, TitanKey

Peter Kay, TitanKey

Photo: Divers


Photo: Mississippi River

Mississippi River

Photo: Machine room move

Machine room move

Photo: Matthew and Caleb Followill

Matthew and Caleb Followill

Photo: Gerald with beer

Gerald with beer

Photo: Bill Yerazunis, MERL

Bill Yerazunis, MERL

Photo: Kiholo Bay

Kiholo Bay

Photo: Georgetown Suites

Georgetown Suites

Photo: LAX ATC


Photo: Rui Dai, Georgia Tech

Rui Dai, Georgia Tech

Photo: Lava tree

Lava tree

Photo: Caleb Followill

Caleb Followill

Photo: Gerald and Beth

Gerald and Beth

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These photos were chosen at random from my photo collection, selected from the set of photos that are publicly visible and have been labelled with location info.

The following sets include photos taken in Usa:

If this page seems strange or incomplete, it's probably because I haven't gotten around to categorizing most of my photos yet. (as of Feb 2007, less than a third of my photos have been tagged with location info.)

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