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On Tue, Sep 11, 2001 at 06:46:58AM -0700, Hugo Haas wrote:
> * Gerald Oskoboiny <> [2001-09-11 04:35-0400]
> > There's still lots more work needed, but at least it's mostly usable now.
> >
> > I also made a page to keep track of related stuff:
> >
> >     Photo metadata software/notes
> >
> Very, very cool.
> However, could you please make a "Captivate for dummies" page.

Oops, sorry aboot that. Actually, when I said "usable" I meant
that I finally had something I could use to add captions to my
photos, not necessarily that anyone else would be able to use it.

> I guess
> that I could figure it out with some investigation, but I am not sure
> when and how you generate the thumbnails, on what you run captivate,
> etc.

For now, I still generate thumbnails using make_thumbnails (and
medium-sized versions using make_meds; lately I have been thinking
of creating yet another size in between those two versions)

Then I would run "captivate $L" where L is a variable defined in
my .bashrc, equal to "??-??-??.jpg" (L is short for "large images")
But of course you couldn't have known that. Anyway, I just modified
captivate so "captivate *" will do the Right Thing.

> I saw:
>   You should put some default values in /home/hugo/.captivate.rdf.
>   Sample:
> You should pause for a few seconds here, because I would never have
> seen those messages if I hadn't piped the whole output into a file.
> :-)

OK. Actually, I should create a new $HOME/.captivate.rdf and tell the
user to edit it and then run captivate again. I'll do that later.

I made a todo list:

> Also, I got a bunch of "Use of uninitialized values" but I can't
> reproduce that apparently.


> How do you put a set of pictures online?

Pretty much the same as you, except now I run "captivate *" before
make_image_index. One of the next things I want to add to captivate
is a replacement for make_image_index (so the indexes can have
good alt text, etc.)

> If you rotate a picture, are
> you not losing the EXIF information? If so, can your script handle
> this?

Currently I don't rotate many images, but when I do I save them
as a new file, 12-34-56r.jpg, and just don't link to the
non-rotated ones. captivate won't handle that very well.

> Finally, a remark: RDF documents on are served as
> text/plain.

Hey, you know what Homer Simpson says:

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