Things I did in 1994

by Gerald Oskoboiny

This page records stuff I did in 1994. See also: 1993, 1995, or who cares?

Jan 14, 1994
Started learning about the Web. I remember installing Mosaic, surfing around for about 30 seconds, and thinking "Wow. This is so cool. This is going to change everything. And these guys seem to have done almost everything right!"

About 20 minutes later, I had compiled and installed a web server (NCSA httpd), and started learning HTML (and noticed the similarity between it and BookMaster, the IBM-internal language I used when working there as a technical writer for the past couple years.)

Early influences (maybe not quite as early as Jan 1994, but close) were:

Jan 31, 1994
Started learning about CGI programming.

HURL: Added "buttons" to news article page, linked to shell scripts to allow scrolling through an author's posts, etc.

Mar 16, 1994
HURL: Wrote scripts to pre-calculate what "next by author", etc., means, so instead of running a script to figure it out on-the-fly, it knows in advance which message-ID corresponds to the button. Speeds things up a lot, and reduces load on the machine.

HURL: Made new icons, including "dimmed" ones for unavailable items

Mar 17, 1994
Made author and author_stats pages, which accept queries for any arbitrary author.

Rewrote tbwa scripts to make them faster and more reliable (this was actually during the last month or so, but I didn't keep any logs, so I don't know exactly when).

Mar 18, 1994
Made a home page.

Played with image mapping, using a map of the U of A.

April 25, 1994
HURL: the message-ID? script now adds links to anything that it thinks looks like an URL.

April 26, 1994
HURL: Made a keyword filter for the message-ID? script, to find and link things like *plonk*.

May - August, 1994
Sold my car, backpacked around Europe for 3 months

See my planned itinerary (pretty moronic: way too ambitious, made by looking at a map and not much else); fortunately the actual trip didn't look much like that.

Aug 27, 1994
Created the Kool-Aid Fun Page, an exercise in HTML forms. (now offline)

Aug 28, 1994
HURL: Made an acronym-expansion script.

HURL: Made a list_by_author script.

Aug 31, 1994
HURL: Added author_info_submission script.

HURL: Added voting page.

Sept 9, 1994
Massively re-organized hotlist and home page.

Added travel page.

Made script to find local users' home pages.

Sept 13, 1994
HURL: Added "definition" icon to message-ID script.

Sept 26, 1994
Added a bunch of images to my travel page.

Oct 7, 1994
Added sorting features and changed the format of the local users page.

Created HURL Feature List.

Oct 8, 1994
Added more items and check-boxes to HURL Feature List.

Oct 14, 1994
Created the Barney Fun Page.

Oct 21, 1994
Created a home page for HURL, announced it on Usenet.

Oct ?, 1994
Netscape announced, complete with fugly web site.

Nov 10-15, 1994
Flew to Ottawa for job interviews with BNR (big nerd ranch), later to become Nortel. Went to Toronto on the weekend?

Dec 5, 1994
Happy birthday to me!

See also: 1993, 1995

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