Things I did in 1995

by Gerald Oskoboiny

This page records stuff I did in 1995. See also: 1994, 1996, or who cares?

Jan 23, 1995
Made a "Rockies travel page" (which just had this extremely cool photo of me in Jasper National Park, July 1992.)

Feb 3, 1995
Added new items and the ``jump'' script to my hotlist.

Feb 15, 1995
Created the lab users script.
Created the log-by-area script.

Feb 16, 1995
Converted my resume to HTML.
Made a list of my Web projects. (now offline or merged into my resume)

Feb 23, 1995
Added "bleeding" feature to the Barney Fun Page.

Mar 24, 1995
Added the Accesses column to the local users page.

Apr 3, 1995
Added some features to the Barney Fun Page including a report on Barney's deteriorating condition and the ability to see the 10 most recent corpses.

Apr 29, 1995
Split my hotlist into a small, practical version and a big, bad, and ugly version.
Slightly revised my home page.

May 22, 1995
Added some new weapons and an imagemapped weapon selector to the Barney Fun Page.

May 31, 1995
Made a HURL build of my comp.infosystems.www.announce archive on SunSITE/Metalab.

Aug 16, 1995
Made lynx-me: an online service that converts HTML to plain text using Lynx.

Aug 31-Sep 6, 1995
Trip to Ottawa for canoeing in Algonquin park (Sep 1-4?) with Curtis, Pete, Jim, Dave

Sep ??, 1995
Trip to Phoenix with Blaine et al.

Sep 29, 1995
Created the Bill Gates Fun Page. (now offline)

Dec 1-3?, 1995
Ski trip to Lake Louise with Blaine and Downhill Riders

Dec 5, 1995
My last day of school, ever! (skipped class) Also, my birthday.

Dec 14, 1995
My last final exam

Dec 30 1995 - Jan 1 2006(?)
Ski trip to Panorama with Blaine et al.

See also: 1994, 1996

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