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I just changed the way the navigation is done through the pictures using
genepage. Now there are 3 levels:
* index page, with links to picture pages and rdf
* individual picture pages, with medium zised jpeg (fit into 640x480
 pixels), and with rdf copied from the big image to the intermediary one
 Every image has a prev/next/up, where up links to the right index page
* the big image source
(ex available [1]
After rereading your page [2] and some sofa discussion with Philippe, I
will add some <link > elements in the header of the html files, with
prev/next and also meta. Also it can embed EXIF information in individual
html pages, although I don't think it is nice to do this.

The real next step would be to read EXIF and transform that into RDF. Do
you have that available as a separate script? (like update-rdf, to add
this information in an existing RDF file embedded in the picture?

[1] http://www.raubacapeu.net/people/yves/pictures/2001/11/04/isolabona.html
[2] http://impressive.net/people/gerald/2000/09/photo.html

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