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I did this just before I left for Europe, but haven't mentioned
it here yet, so:

I moved (mail, http, etc) to my old home desktop
machine at MIT, hostname This is a P133 with
64M of RAM, 3.2G of SCSI disk, and 17G of IDE disk: way too slow
to be used as a desktop system these days, but should make a
decent web server.

It has a 100mbit connection to MIT's phat pipe, and feels much
speedier than it used to (has anyone else noticed a difference?)

Until now (since summer of 1996) it had been hosted by pair Networks, , which I highly recommend for basic site
hosting -- it's amazing what you get for $30/month. (virtual web,
ftp, mail services on a well-managed network with redundant DS3s
and close to 100% uptime.)

The main reasons I moved it off of are:

 1. my disk usage is now 300M and growing fast, and anything
    beyond 120M costs $0.10/M/month (currently $18/month for me).
    (note that $.10/M/month is an extremely good price -- I haven't
    seen it this low anywhere else, and $1/M/month is common.)

 2. I have more control over my own server, and can play with
    fun new things on the web server, run my own mailing list
    software, etc.

 3. we recently learned that we're allowed to host personal
    sites on MIT's network (with certain restrictions)

 4. I needed something to do with my old system

Todo (when I get back from Europe): set up oskoboiny.{com,net,org}
and meta{boards,groups}.com there; add a bunch of old archives to my
site now that disk space is no longer a concern; other misc stuff:

Gerald Oskoboiny <>

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