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Access Control on my web site

by Gerald Oskoboiny

Some of the pages on my web site are restricted to various groups of people like family, friends, and colleagues. If you are one of these people and don't yet have a personal username/password for my site, send me e-mail to get one. (Eventually I'll automate this somehow.)

Whenever I link to one of these areas, I'll try to put (Password protected) next to it, which itself will be linked to this page.

Please don't share your usernames/passwords with anyone else, even close mutual friends or your husband or wife: keep in mind there's probably something here that you might not want them to see. (blackmail photos etc. ;) And it's useful to have separate identities in general; if I'm planning a surprise party I might want to exclude someone from accessing something, etc.

See also: other notes/thoughts about my site.

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