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by Gerald Oskoboiny

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Pictures taken in Thailand:

Video: Cuttlefish in motion

Cuttlefish in motion

Photo: Ice delivery dude

Ice delivery dude

Photo: Chimney


Photo: Scuba diving

Scuba diving

Photo: Mahya Bay

Mahya Bay

Photo: Lotus flower

Lotus flower

Photo: Ready to dive

Ready to dive

Photo: Patong at night

Patong at night

Photo: Fire spinner

Fire spinner

Photo: Sneaking into Thailand

Sneaking into Thailand

Photo: Banana crepe maker

Banana crepe maker

Photo: Thai crew

Thai crew

Photo: Ger with dinner

Ger with dinner

Photo: Nana Plaza

Nana Plaza

Photo: Scuba diving

Scuba diving

Photo: Dinner


Photo: Kid on beach

Kid on beach

Photo: Clear water lagoon

Clear water lagoon

Photo: Rubber trees

Rubber trees

Photo: Ko Ha Nua

Ko Ha Nua

Photo: Beach


Photo: Scuba diving

Scuba diving

Photo: Mahya Bay

Mahya Bay

Photo: Thai cooking course

Thai cooking course

Photo: Beach umbrellas

Beach umbrellas

Photo: Buried 7-11

Buried 7-11

Photo: Dinner


Photo: Songkran festival

Songkran festival

Photo: Marj with lantern

Marj with lantern

Photo: Songkran festival

Songkran festival

Photo: Entering


Photo: Fish swarm

Fish swarm

Photo: Jep's beach

Jep's beach

Photo: Rubberneckers


Photo: Manta ray

Manta ray

Photo: Chimney


Photo: Tour boat

Tour boat

Photo: Colorful market, Ko Pan Yi

Colorful market, Ko Pan Yi

Photo: Sunset


Photo: Sidewalk stands

Sidewalk stands

Photo: Bangkok Marathon sign

Bangkok Marathon sign

Photo: Ger with buckets

Ger with buckets

Photo: Marj


Photo: Patong beach

Patong beach

Photo: Fish


Photo: Crispy critters

Crispy critters

Photo: Lionfish


Photo: Spicy soup, Thai whiskey

Spicy soup, Thai whiskey

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These photos were chosen at random from my photo collection, selected from the set of photos that are publicly visible and have been labelled with location info.

The following sets include photos taken in Thailand:

If this page seems strange or incomplete, it's probably because I haven't gotten around to categorizing most of my photos yet. (as of Feb 2007, less than a third of my photos have been tagged with location info.)

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