First powder day — 23cm!

This morning I got a wakeup call from PowderFone at 7:18am letting me know that 23cm of snow arrived overnight, woohoo!

I was already awake, woken up at 6am by a noisy roommate in the hostel and unable to sleep more because I was too excited about the overnight snowfall — in the two weeks that I have been here, only 1cm of snow had fallen, until last night.

I was on the gondola at 8:30am, and rode until 3:15, stopping only to grab some lunch. Until today I had only been riding about 3 hrs/day; I was surprised my legs held out for a full day. I would have gone until closing at 4pm but I felt the start of a blister on my foot and wanted to keep it in good shape to ride the rest of the week.

What an awesome day! Snowboarding is so much fun. I really can’t imagine enjoying a sport more. Boarding on powder feels like what I imagine surfing would be like if I were better at it, but the nice thing about snowboarding is that the chairlift does all the hard work, and you can ride for as long as your legs hold out, no need to deal with finicky waves.

Another 20cm forecast for tonight :)

Oh, last night I went for dinner at my new home-to-be (as of Mar 1), and remembered one thing I forgot to mention in my previous post: the bathroom floors are heated :)

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