Things I did in 1997

by Gerald Oskoboiny

This page records stuff I did in 1997. See also: 1996, 1998, or who cares?

I didn't start keeping track of stuff until late in the year; one day I'll fill this in...

Jan 17-19, 1997
Faculte St. Jean ski trip with Chris, Roger, Marjorie, Marie-Josee

Feb 8, 1997
Cool hack: automagic plain text pages from a web server (see also: the code behind it.)

Mar 15-22, 1997
Visited W3C at MIT in Boston to talk about setting up HTML validation service, interview for sysadmin position

April 11-13, 1997
Went skiing at Panorama

July 10?-Aug 4?, 1997
Vacation in Europe

Sept 5, 1997
Moved to Boston, MA, USA, from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
"I'm not from around here, so it's okay that I'm stupid." -- George Costanza

The first week I was here, someone puked on me on the T. "Welcome to Boston!"

Sept 8, 1997
Started a new job with W3C at MIT/LCS.

Nov 6?, 1997
Wrote a cool script to help track a shipment sent with UPS.

Dec, 1997
I'm famous! There's an article about W3C in the Dec 1997 issue of Scientific American that includes a picture of some of the staff at MIT.

Dec 18, 1997
Unleashed the W3C HTML Validation Service on the world.

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