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"Ian B. Jacobs" <> writes:

> I also note a feature of Knoppix 3.7, which I also downloaded 10 days
> ago: there is a (beta) mecanism for installing new software (in ram)
> on the fly.

Continuing with the knoppix tangent...

I tried the knoppix-customize software recently and it only lets one
customize the boot cd somewhat, not the booted fs.  Customizing
knoppix is still cumbersome.  Getting it to run from solely from a usb
device also appears a bit involved.  Once installed on usb, ongoing
customization looks like it would be quite reasonable.

One of my wishlist items Santa didn't deliver (hint, hint for anyone
feeling generous, in particular the Sandisk one [1] for reasons I am
unsure) is one of those usb fobs 1G (about 80USD and large enough for
full 700M cd image plus room for extras) in size so I can install
knoppix on it.  I tend to always have my keys and wallet with me but
keep crunching those nice but rather limited wallet-sized lnx-bbc live
linux cds I make with my ssh keys on it.  I blame Jane Fonda's 'buns
of steel' video for that recurring mishap.  I keep a full sized
knoppix CD and a promo/freebie/otherwise useless 32MB usb fob with my
keys in the glove compartment of my car in case I'm out and about and
need (urge or work related emergency) to get to some things and the
laptop is elsewhere.

A usb fob would be ideal as it'd fit on keychain and once knoppix is
installed I could remount the 'disk' read/write and apt-get
remove/install to my heart's content.  Live cd on usb customizeable to
take over that random Windows machine you want to borrow and don't
feel safe entering passwords on on one's keychain.


Ted Guild <>

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