Re: Mozilla cool tips / favicon rant


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On Wed, 21 Nov 2001, Hugo Haas wrote:

> Philippe pointed me to a cool page about customizing Mozilla:
> I don't have time to investigate right now, but I don't want to lose
> the URI and I'm sure that other people will be happy to see that too.
> By the way, 0.9.6 was released[1] today, and it's pretty cool. I am
> not sure I like the idea of using (and hence legitimizing) the
> Microsoft's favicon thingy[2] which is yet another fixed location on a
> Web server.

In their favour, Mozilla do support LINK REL="icon" (and the MS version)
as alternate ways of pointing to the image. And they're also providing a
toolbar view of embedded LINK REL=xyz stuff (next/prev/etc), which is a
big plus as it motivates people to deploy that sort of metadata on their

Maybe if the RDFists amongst us got it together to finish off an RDF
sitemaps spec (which included properties for logos and the old HTML link
types) there'd be an incentive to do something better than the 'well known
location' hack...


> This page tells users how to disable that, but I guess that my boycott
> won't go anywhere, except saving my browser from doing an extra
> request to the server.
>   1.
>   2.

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