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On Sun, 25 Jun 2000, Gerald Oskoboiny wrote:

> I don't think I want to store the metadata in the same file as
> the image, because I use CVS to manage all my files, and I don't
> want to commit another revision of a 200K binary file whenever I
> tweak a caption or something.

cvs won't store only the diffs? If so, then it is just another proof that
something new needs to be designed ;)
Why is it useful to store IN the picture? if someone else links to one of
your picture then he also have the metadata, so an automated page would
be updated directly, also when you move things you don't have the risk to
lose it. And of course if the description is embedded in the picture a
textual viewer will be able to read it.
Easiness of modification of a text file is a good point, but you can do
GET and PUT of the comment only in the picture ;)

> I have some other scripts for stuff like generating thumbnails, I
> should put those online too.

The more script we have, the better the next one will be (is that engligh
or frenglish? ;) )

> > Also, I have rdfpic handy to add metadata in the pictures and an intern is
> > currently working on enhancing it as well as reading metadata from digital
> > pictures (using photopc).
> Cool!

As I like to have tools easy to use and that requires the least amount of
work from the user, it is the only way to have people using it (if you
have a profile with many of the fileds already filled, you basically just
have to enter the title and the description).

> > has been generated automatically
> > from the metadata stored IN the pictures, with alt text ;)
> >
> > You should read ;)
> Yeah, I was just playing with it so far. I'll definitely steal
> ideas from there, and probably use the same schemas.

Ideas and enhancements are (as always) more than welcomed. Some people
from the library business are already interested in that note, both
academic and commercial companies, so it would be good to have more
implementation and exemples handy. I am pretty sure chaaals would support
that :)

> I think I'll have most of July off from work, so I can work more
> on these tools then...

Good luck for the moving!


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