Re: archiving SMS messages with wammu


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On Jun 10, 2009, at 1:18 AM, Gerald Oskoboiny wrote:

> All of this is probably hilarious to those of you who have owned
> the full series of crackberries/iphones/whatever and always had
> them set up to autosync everything both ways, but it's new to me.
> (If I had to commute anywhere I would have fancier gizmos but I
> stopped commuting 9 years ago ;)

It turns out that smartphone backups (Treo & iPhone, at least) don't  
necessarily make it easy to access SMS messages.

However, there's one way to do this on the fly: Google Voice. It logs  
all incoming and outgoing messages, and as a bonus, you can use the  
Web interface to type SMS's, which is easier than typing on a phone.  
There is no obvious export function, but screen scraping could do the  


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