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At 17:11 5/9/2001 +0900, Gerald Oskoboiny wrote:
>Now I really want to find a smartmedia mp3 player... maybe at
>Akihabara in Tokyo this Friday.

I was greatly dissapointed to find the mp3 market in Tokyo is as bad as it
was in HK. Yiuichi and I went all over looking for a decent selection! Turns
out MP3 is competing with minidisc (not good) and the only products are the
Sony copy-crippled versions. So the few players get a bad rap regardless.

So, I'm likely to buy one of these Samsung players via the Internet (with
some rebates if possible) as I originally intended. The only tricky thing is
I heard these players tend to be "slow" over USB. However, I've been puzzled
as to how various reviewers can notice substantive differences in file
transmission speed over USB, but I guess the drivers differ with respect to
their quality:

In terms of renaming files, I typically copy a bunch of grouped files to a
temp directory for processing, then run the following. I'm relying on the
datestamp to provide the date, which usually works, but the epinfo would be
better should I edit a file before renaming them...

ls -l --full-time | awk 'BEGIN {IGNORECASE=0}; /JPG/ {printf "mv %s
%s-token-%i.jpg;\n", $11, $8, sum++}' | bash

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