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* Gerald Oskoboiny <[email protected]> [2006-03-03 02:51-0800]
>I just watched a video demo of a game (Spore) to be released
>this fall, and it looks amazing.

Here's some more recent stuff about Spore (well, not that
recent... a couple months ago):

I just watched the first three videos in the "new videos"
section, and I am totally blown away.

What's most interesting to me is how all the creatures and
planets in the game will be fed in from other players, custom
selected to match each player's needs and abilities. I wonder how
well that will work, and what kinds of new social phenomena will

This seems like the kind of game that could still be fun after
thousands of hours of play. Better stay away from it...

Gerald Oskoboiny <[email protected]>

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