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* Gerald Oskoboiny <> [2002-11-22 18:02-0500]

> items near the top of my todo list include:
>   - make it usable (make "captivate *" do the right thing for new users)
>   - add next/prev/up links on each photo page
>   - switch to CSS for style stuff on photo pages
>   - add access control, foaf depiction, and quality ratings
>   - make a search engine for my photos
>   - reduce the number of steps needed to publish (above)

I finally did some of this stuff: added next/prev/up links,
switched to CSS for most style/layout stuff; added a bit more
metadata (acl/quality/foaf, but that's not quite right yet)

I regenerated a couple of my photo pages with this new version:

I'm pretty happy with it, but I'm sure the CSS could be improved;
suggestions welcome.

For the thumbnails with captions, I based the layout on some
sample CSS [1] published by Bert. (thanks, very helpful!)

I wanted the page to be usable at any browser width; with my
current 800px-wide browser, there are 4 columns of images, and
on narrower or wider widths there are fewer or more columns.
(much better than some html table solution with a fixed number
of columns!)

I am not quite happy with the absolute positioning of the next/prev/up
links on the foo-sm.html pages, but I don't know how else to do that.
I want to be able to scroll through a gallery by clicking on "Next"
without having to move the mouse around. That seems to work fine
the way I did it, but one potential problem is that the heading text
overruns the navbar text if you make the text larger (or have a
long heading or link text); anyone know how to avoid that?

(I want the navbar stuff to be fixed in the top right, but would
like the text to flow around it when necessary)


Gerald Oskoboiny <>

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