Expect Utility (nifty aside)


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Perhaps folks are already familiar with this, but if not, it's a nifty
little utility.  For example, I use the following script to mount encrypted
volumes on both my workstation and the backup-server (which then are
easily/simply sync'd with unison).


if [ -d $HOME/data/1work ] ; then
  echo encrypted volume already mounted;
  expect -c ' \
     puts -nonewline stdout "Bcrypt Password: "
     flush stdout
     stty -echo
     log_user 0
     gets stdin password
     spawn -noecho bctool mount /home/reagle/backup/work-policy
/home/reagle/data; \
     expect "Enter password:"; \
     send "$password\r"; \
     expect; \
     puts $expect_out(buffer); \
     spawn -noecho ssh flux bctool mount /home/reagle/backup/work-policy
/home/reagle/data; \
     expect "Enter password:"; \
     send "$password\r"; '


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