Dark Side of the Moon and The Wizard of Oz


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> The Dark Side of Oz
> July 3rd at 11pm(ET)
> The Dark Side of the Moon meets The Wizard of Oz.
> What do Pink Floyd, the legendary acid rock group, have in common with
> the classic 1939 MGM musical The Wizard of Oz? It's a simple matter of
> perspective. Beside the fact that both the film and the band's classic
> 1973 album The Dark Side of the Moon incorporate the same colorful
> rainbow motif and other strange imagery, there are numerous other
> peculiar coincidences which have laid the foundation for a legendary
> phenomenon. Some time ago (the exact origins of the urban legend are a
> mystery), radio stations, college campuses, Floyd fans, and the merely
> curious experimented with synching the album to the 1939 classic. The
> result? An incredible number of coincidences - more than 80, and the
> creation of a truly strange and unique experience. The legend holds
> that there are so many uncanny coincidences between the film and music
> that it must have been done intentionally, a notion the band has
> repeatedly denied. The synchronicity theory between the two classics
> has now become so well-known that some colleges include it in their
> music curriculum. The synchronicity between the album and film is
> based upon repeated plays of Pink Floyd's album by playing the first
> track of the album on the third MGM Lion roar in the opening sequence
> of the film.
> If you have yet to experience the Dark Side of Oz, then you're in
> luck! Turner Classic Movies will be running a special broadcast of The
> Wizard of Oz with The Dark Side of the Moon as an alternate soundtrack
> on the SAP or Second Audio Program for the first time on network TV.
> In his introduction to the movie, TCM host Robert Osborne will give
> viewers instructions on how to access the SAP channel, while also
> pointing out some of the more interesting connections. The SAP
> simulcast is available through DIRECTV and some cable operators (check
> with your local cable operator). If you have a CD of Pink Floyd's The
> Dark Side of the Moon, here's how to synchronize your player with
> TCM's presentation of The Wizard of Oz.

(it's too late to catch the TCM broadcast, but it would be fun to
try setting it up ourselves sometime.)


> CD Synchronization Instructions:
>  * First, gear up your CD to the first track of Pink Floyd's Dark
>    Side of the Moon and put it on pause.
>  * Set your CD player to repeat in order to listen to the second and
>    third run of the album as the movie plays.
>  * On the third roar of the MGM lion, unpause your CD. (You may want
>    to turn down your TV volume.)
>  * Double check that you're in synch by listening for the transition
>    from "Speak to Me" to "Breathe" as the producer credit (Mervyn
>    LeRoy) fades in onscreen.
>  * Now sit back and prepared to be amazed!
> Viewers who prefer watching the film in its classic form without
> reference to "Dark Side of the Moon," take heart - the film can be
> viewed as originally intended by not activating the SAP channel.
> Realizing "there's no place like home," TCM will also premiere The
> Wizard of Oz at 8 p.m. (ET) the same evening with DVS for the visually
> impaired. TCM's exclusive commercial-free airing of The Wizard of Oz
> will mark the beginning of an annual tradition on the network.


(possible spoilers follow)

> Following are some of the commonly known similarities to watch for.
> Keep your eyes and ears open, you may even make some discoveries of
> your own.
>  * The lyric "balanced on the perfect wave" occurs just as Dorothy is
>    balancing on the pigsty fence.
>  * "...balanced on the biggest wave" as Dorothy balances on the
>    fence, which leads into "On The Run" as she falls off the fence.
>  * Chimes and bells sound just as Elvira Gulch appears on her
>    bicycle.
>  * During the "Time" guitar solo the fortune teller sign appears,
>    reading "past, present & future."
>  * The fortune teller tells Dorothy that she needs to go home as the
>    lyrics play, "home, home again. I'd like to be there when I can".
>  * "The Great Gig in the Sky" begins with the scene change to the
>    tornado.
>  * The tornado is seen in the background just as the words "and I'm
>    not frightened of dying" is heard.
>  * When the window sash knocks Dorothy out, the wailing vocal
>    subsides.
>  * "Great Gig in the Sky" is playing as the house is airborne.
>  * The cash register in "Money" is heard just as the color of Oz is
>    seen.
>  * The ballerina Munchkins enter on the lyric "us..us..us".
>  * One ballerina appears to lip sync the words "ordinary men"
>  * The Lollypop Guild Munchkins enter on the lyric "me..me..me".
>  * The Lollypop Guild's head motions synch with the music.
>  * Dorothy turns to face forward on the lyric "forward he cried."
>  * The Witch's appearance occurs on the lyric "black..black.."
>  * On "blue..blue..blue.." we cut to Dorothy, who of course is
>    wearing blue.
>  * On the words "and who knows which is which and who is who", we see
>    the Wicked Witch of the West looking at the dead feet of the
>    Wicked Witch of the East.
>  * For "up..up..up", the Witch is on top of a ramp; on "down..down..
>    down..", she is walking down.
>  * "And in the end", the dead Witch disappears.
>  * "Out..out..out", Good Witch Glynda exits in a bubble.
>  * The song "Brain Damage" is played as the scarecrow sings "If I
>    Only Had a Brain."
>  * The heartbeat heard at the end of the album coincides with Dorothy
>    listening to the Tin Man's heart.
> For more synchronizations and information relating to the Dark Side of
> Oz experience, we recommend the following sites:
> http://www.ychat.com/info/pages/list.htm - A helpful, comprehensive
> listing of synchronizations.
> http://www.angelfire.com/co/1x137/oz.html - A great resource page on the
> Dark Side/Wizard of Oz experience with many links.
> http://www.geocities.com/ SunsetStrip/Balcony/8968/Wizard.html -
> Instructions on synchronization of the album and other Dark
> Side/Wizard of Oz information.
> http://www.dsom.com/features/features.html - Information on the Dark
> Side/Wizard of Oz and Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon.
> To learn more about Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon and other Pink
> Floyd albums, visit Hollywood and Vine's Pink Floyd site at:
> http://hollywoodandvine.com/pinkfloyd

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