Cambridge Soundworks speakers, free DVD player deal


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Cambridge Soundworks ( ) is
reportedly among the best you can get for home audio systems in
terms of price/performance: excellent quality PC speaker packages
starting from $100 or so.

After looking around their web site and visiting a local store, I
decided to treat myself to their best "multimedia" system, the
"DeskTop Theater 5.1 DDT2500 Digital", for about $300.

PCs for Everyone ( ) has it for $279,
but I decided to buy directly from Cambridge Soundworks since PCs
for Everyone is closed tomorrow and I might get slightly better
support by buying it directly from the manufacturer.

But I just noticed (affiliated with cambridge soundworks
somehow) sells it for $299, minus $25 for opening a new account
with them, AND they throw in a free DVD player (Samsung DVD-709,
selling for $220), and ship it all for free! What a great deal!

Here are a few more details on the speaker system:

   Cambridge SoundWorks DeskTop Theater DTT2500 Digital
   Free DVD Player With Purchase!
   Dolby Digital Surround Sound System, 5 Cube Satellite
   Speakers, Powered Subwoofer, 2 Rear Speaker Stands and
   Amplifier with built-in Dolby Pro Logic/Dolby Digital
   Decoder, for use with DVD-equipped PCs or with Televisions
   and Stand-Alone DVD Players $299.99

   Buy any complete Dolby Surround® sound system and receive a
   Samsung DVD-709 DVD player absolutely free! Take advantage of
   our $25 Registration Credit for first time buyers and our
   free shipping to make this deal even better! Quantities are
   limited, so order today!  Limit one per family. (Please see
   our Home Theater Systems home page for complete details of
   this offer.)

   Note: This system is designed for use in small rooms or with
   a computer. This system does not come equipped with a remote

   Connect DTT2500 to a TV and DVD player in a den or bedroom,
   and you have a great little home theater surround sound
   system. Hook it up to a DVD-equipped PC and you have an
   incredible "WOW!" multimedia sound system.

   Cambridge SoundWorks DeskTop Theater DTT2500 is an all-in-one
   Dolby Digital surround sound system. It has everything you
   need to enjoy incredible, digital surround sound. Just plug
   it into your PC or your TV/DVD* combination and let 'er rip.

   The five satellite cube speakers are so compact, they'll fit
   just about anywhere. They even come with a velcro kit that
   lets you attach them to your walls or the side of the TV or
   computer monitor. But don't let their small size fool you -
   they sound terrific. They have smooth, accurate tonal balance
   and will play loud enough to fill a small to medium-sized
   room. The powered subwoofer is great! It produces bass notes
   with impact and realism. The system does a very good job of
   reproducing both music and movie soundtracks.

   The control amplifier includes a Dolby Digital Processor,
   Dolby Pro Logic surround sound, and Creative Multi-Speaker
   Surround - which gives you convincing surround sound even
   when you're using stereo or mono sound sources. DeskTop
   Theater 2500 sounds great when you watch older movies or when
   you listen to music CDs. The amplifier has a coax (SPDF)
   connector for 5.1 digital sound input from a DVD player, plus
   it has analog audio inputs for use with computer game sound
   or with VCR stereo sound.

   At, we're proud to offer the country this remarkably
   affordable Dolby Digital surround sound package. For less
   than the price of most Dolby Digital receivers alone, you can
   now own a complete system that sounds really terrific.

   Special Introductory Price: $299.99!

   Save an additional $25 with registration credit for first
   time buyers!

   *An additional mini-Y to stereo RCA cable is required in
   order to connect the DTT2500 to a TV or VCR.

   DeskTop Theater 5.1 DTT2500 Digital.
   High-Performance Amplified Dolby Digital Sound For PCs Just Got Better!

   "If you want the absolute best speaker system on the market for the
   PC, look no further." - Gamer's Depot

   Only: $299.99

   Purchase Cambridge SoundWorks DeskTop Theater 5.1 DTT2500 Digital
   through our 27 retail stores or online through our exclusive
   internet dealer

   Based on the award-winning DeskTop Theater 5.1, DeskTop Theater
   5.1 DTT2500 Digital is a new system slated for use with multimedia
   PCs. This high-quality 5.1 speaker system comes with the critically
   acclaimed FourPointSuround(TM) FPS2000 Digital's satellite cube
   speakers and subwoofer. Plus a Dolby Digital decoder amplifier.

 Great for 3D game playing and much more!

   DTT2500 Digital's Dolby Digital decoder-combined with its five cube
   satellites and subwoofer-make it ideal for playing back 5.1-channel
   games or DVD-encoded movie or audio discs with an amazingly crisp and
   spacious sound. Its realistic surround sound effects are equally
   amazing-regardless of the room acoustics or your listening position.
   For an even more breathtaking movie experience, use DTT2500 Digital
   with a Creative PC-DVD(TM) or any DVD player. It also enables you
   to enjoy crystal clear digital audio through the DIGITAL DIN
   connection with Sound Blaster® Live!(TM). Overall, the sound
   quality compares to much higher priced home theater systems.

More technically speaking...

   DTT2500 Digital's decoder amplifier has separate inputs for SPDIF
   (AC-3) Dolby Digital, Digital DIN and analog stereo front and rear
   channels. And the independent volume controls for master, center,
   subwoofer, and surround speakers let you adjust the balance to your
   liking. There are also many surround modes including Dolby Digital,
   Dolby Pro Logic (from either the digital or analog input), and the
   Creative Multi Speaker Surround (includes Music, Movie, FourPoint, and
   Stereo) for the processing of any digital and analog material.


   The satellite cubes come with desktop stands for the fronts and on
   new, improved tripods for the rear channels. The subwoofer tucks away
   nicely under the desktop.

PCs for everyone blurb:

   Cambridge SoundWorks DeskTop Theater 5.1 DTT2500 Digital. Speaker
   System Dolby Digital (AC-3) Surround Sound for PCs with DVD
   Players. Consists of 5 satellite cube speakers, a powered
   subwoofer and a control amplifier with built-in Dolby Digital and
   Dolby Surround decoders. DTT2500 Digital's Dolby Digital
   decoder-combined with its five cube satellites and subwoofer-make
   it ideal for playing back 5.1-channel games or DVD-encoded movie
   or audio discs with an amazingly crisp and spacious sound.  Its
   realistic surround sound effects are equally amazing-regardless
   of the room acoustics or your listening position. For an even
   more breathtaking movie experience, use DTT2500 Digital with a
   Creative PC-DVD(tm) or any DVD player. It also enables you to
   enjoy crystal clear digital audio through the DIGITAL DIN
   connection with Sound Blaster(r) Live!(tm).

and finally the order confirmation/price info:

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