Canon EOS Digital Rebel camera

by Gerald Oskoboiny

I bought a Canon EOS Digital Rebel (aka 300D) digital camera in Nov 2003 with the standard 18-55mm lens kit from Carman's for $1060 USD+shipping/pst/gst, $1276 USD total.

That was quite a bit more than the going rate in the US ($999), but I couldn't find it that cheap in Canada; Future Shop was selling it for $1599 CAD+pst/gst, ~$1415 USD total.

Lenses I use with it:

I recently bought a Canon 420EX flash to use with it; huge, huge improvement over the built-in flash; see sample photos. I received a Canon Wireless Remote Control RC1 for Christmas 2004. (sells for $25 USD at

Other items I'm considering:

More stuff to come later. Related:

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