July 1999 Trip to Europe

by Gerald Oskoboiny

June 29 - July 25, 1999

Vacation in Europe! Woohoo! Trip report/photos are in progress.

(there are more photos, but some of these are restricted to family, friends, and colleagues; if you are one of these people and don't yet have a personal username/password for my site, send me e-mail to get one.)

One day I hope to have something better than this online...


June 29
left Boston 7:15pm, arrived in Amsterdam 8:00am June 30

June 30 - July 7
hung out in Amsterdam with Patricia

July 7
took a train to Frankfurt, met Bert

July 8 - 22
met Roger & Marj in Munich hung out in Kelheim/Regensberg a few days

July 12 - 15 (?)
drove to Lago di Garda, Italy, then Finale Ligure (Italian Riviera), then Antibes, France

July 15 - 22
Hung out in Antibes, France (and Juan les Pins, Nice, Cannes, ...)

July 22
Drove to Regensberg, Germany (6 countries in 10 hours!)

July 23
Train to Amsterdam

July 23 - 25
Hung out in Amsterdam with Patricia

July 25
departed Amsterdam 1:50pm, arrived Boston 3:25pm

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