Linux USB Visor/palm gotcha


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I'm almost embarrased to send this, as in retrospect its so obvious.

from #rdfig, where I was griping because my Visor was mysteriously failing
to sync with Linux/USB desktop, despite nothing obvious having changed.

Problem was the visor was in some state where it wouldn't talk USB
properly.  The troubleshooting section of the  Howto says as much, too.

lesson learned: it isn't always Linux' fault ;-)



<danbri> Note to self re palm/visor: do a HARD RESET on the device before
panic/dispair/grumpyness sets in.
<DanC> that was the solution, danbri?
<danbri> To the USB connectivity issue; definitely. I'm still fumbling my
way around pilot-xfer so haven't got the files back on the visor yet.
<danbri> So, how ideally would I record this knowledge in irc/semweb?
Right now I use scribbles in private ~/notes/ text files...
<DanC> I recommend mailng it to fogo
<danbri> A bit of dublincore about a document about a wordnet:Device whose
homepage is ...
* danja makes note - #rdfig is grumpy on Saturday night (gmt)
<danbri> fogo good plan too, though is seems a little too 'doh!' to bother
those folks with
<DanC> well, i have explicit license from gerald to dump any sysadmin
knowledge I want to store there.

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