Re: Climbing photos, and photo metadata stuff


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On Tue, 11 Sep 2001, Hugo Haas wrote:

> Here is what I currently do:
>   1. Put my pictures in a directory, named HH_MM_SS.jpg.
>   2. Make thumbnails, generating HH_MM_SS-sm.jpg, by running:
>      make_thumbnails *.jpg
>   3. Generate an index page: make_image_index *sm.jpg > my_index.html
>   4. Edit this page: vi my_index.html

I do:
1/ put pictures in the right directory
2/ add metadata using java -jar rdfpic.jar <directory>/*
3/ generate thumbnails (in png) and index file[s] using a single script,
And if I'm lazy I just skip 2, but it is bad.
Having metadata stored aside from the picture always makes me nervous, as
it is very easy to have them out of sync or to lose one.

> How do you put a set of pictures online? If you rotate a picture, are
> you not losing the EXIF information? If so, can your script handle
> this?

To rotate a picture, try jpegtran, lossless and it keep all the comments
and app_specific blocks (with the right options). Pretty cool tool present
in the default jpeg library sources, as well as rdjpgcom and wrjpgcom to
update comments (rdf in my case).


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