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Neat! We've (we being friends in bristol in this instance) been doing
similar things with Javascript toolbar-bookmarklets, for the reasons
you give. You can create a bookmark that can be dragged to toolbar
in Netscape/IE (see for examples), popup
prompts etc and redirect to URI of some 3rd party rating service; this
works against any web content, ie doesn't need the HTML/javascript to
be embedded in the resource to be annotated.

All that stuff's easy. Anyone can build a proprietary rating system.
The hard bit is agreeing sensible rating / recommendation vocabularies
and figuring out infrastructure for federating 'open' rating servers so
you can find multiple opinions about some given page...


On Fri, 7 Apr 2000, Gerald Oskoboiny wrote:

> While reading:
>     The Equity Equation:
>     Who gets how much? The founder of Silicon Graphics and Netscape
>     tells how it's done.
>     By Jim Clark
> I hovered over the little animation in the bottom right of the
> window for a sec, and a window popped up allowing me to assign a
> rating to the current page. Pretty slick.
> An "about this system" link led to:
>     Online Opinion
> > Welcome to OnlineOpinion[tm]
> >
> > A powerful complement to traffic analysis and other performance
> > measures, OnlineOpinion provides insight into the effectiveness
> > and functionality of a Website on a page-by-page basis over its
> > entire geography.
> >
> > Self-serve, interactive OnlineOpinion reporting helps Subscribers
> > identify strengths and weaknesses within their sites and
> > determine where changes would improve communication and
> > functionality for audiences critical to the success of their
> > business.
> >
> > Developed by measurement and communication specialists,
> > OnlineOpinion establishes a Web-wide feedback convention that
> > enables Website owners and managers to capture page-specific,
> > quantifiable feedback from users of their site, and to view that
> > data in a wide range of unique and innovative online reporting
> > configurations.
> >
> > The OnlineOpinion icon on any Subscriber's Website is an
> > invitation for users to tell the people who are responsible for
> > that site what works and what doesn't. With a single click.
> The implementation is very similar to what I had in mind for
> metaboards [1], except that it requires sites to subscribe and
> install their software to have ratings enabled for their site.
> (while I would want to implement something that could be used to
> rate stuff on any site, without their help or permission.)
> [1]
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