Re: Notes on migration from NN 4.77 to Netscape 6.2.1


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Ian B. Jacobs wrote:

> Hi all,
> I decided to migrate from Netscape 4.77 (Linux, Debian) to
> Netscape 6.2.1. I downloaded the binary from
> since I didn't find any debian packages.
> I decided to upgrade mostly for improved CSS support.
> The only big problems I've had so far involved mail.

1) Plug-ins: I've been successful getting plug-ins
   that work for 4.77 to work for 6.2. I copied the
   relevant .so files to /usr/local/netscape/plug-ins.
   What would be the best way to share plug-ins between
   4.77 and 6.2? For example,
   the "plugger" debian package stores in
   /usr/lib/netscape/plugins-libc[56]/. How would I
   best ensure that is seen by both

2) Bookmarks: The bookmarks tool has an "Import
   bookmarks" menu under the File menu. I can't
   remember exactly what I did to personalize the
   tool bar at the same time, but since I forget
   I think it must have been easy. :)

 - Ian
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