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Tonight I bought a Linksys WRT54G wireless router for use at my
mom's place when I'm in town, and was pleased to discover that
this is one of the ones that runs Linux under the hood. (not
that I plan to modify it myself)

It seems really cool so far -- this one has fairly modern firmware
(v2.04.4, Aug. 3, 2004), which includes some traffic shaping stuff
I have been wanting but too lazy to set up on my own Linux boxes:

   The WRT54G offers two types of Quality of Service features,
   Application-based and Port-based. Choose the appropriate offering
   for your needs.

   Application-based Qos: You may control your bandwidth with
   respect to the application that is consuming bandwidth. There are
   several pre-configured applications. You may also customize up to
   three applications by entering the port number they use.

   Port-based QoS: You may control your bandwidth according to which
   physical LAN port your device is plugged into. You may assign
   High or Low priority to devices connected on LAN ports 1 through 4.

This page has tons of info about the WRT54G:

Cringely wrote a column about it last May:

   [...] since the operating system is Linux and since Linksys has
   respected the Linux GPL by publishing all the source code for
   anyone to download for free, the WRT54G is a lot more than just a
   wireless router. It is a disruptive technology.

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