LimoLiner service from NYC to Boston


  • None.


  • None.
Today I took a LimoLiner bus from New York to Boston for $69 USD
(about to arrive in Boston in a few mins), a pretty good experience
overall -- AC power and ethernet jacks at every seat, and wifi
coverage throughout.

Their internet connection flaked out a few times in the 4 hour
trip (sometimes unavailable for 10-15 minutes because the attendant
was busy getting drinks or something), and it was always quite
slow -- avg 500ms ping times to MIT, and max throughput of 10KB/s
on a file transfer.

But I was generally able to work comfortably the whole way.
The seating is kind of a mix between economy and business class
on an airplane -- lots of room, comfortable leather seats, free
light meal and drinks, headsets provided for music or movies.


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