Re: French showers, food


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On Wed, Jun 25, 2003, Gerald Oskoboiny wrote:
> What is up with these wacky French showers?


Hooks are *bad* : you are supposed to turn off water when using the
soap, so you don't waste it :-)
I never do it ; I just use the hook or hold the held with my foot
while using the soap or shampoo.

I saw a lot of bathrooms (by friends) without curtain ; I must say I
don't get it either and as I'm quite big, the only way to keep the
bathroom dry is to sit in the bath... This is very painful :/
Some people told me they don't like when the curtain always comes in
contact with their skin so they don't want one...

The most weird bathroom I saw was in an hotel in Venice : the shower and
the toilets were in the same place (!) behind a curtain ; you must not
forget to put the paper outside before having a shower or the roll gets
very big...

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