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I know there are at least a few other people on this list who use
dyndns.org to get static hostnames for their home systems that have
dynamically-assigned IP addresses.

I always thought dyndns.org would be one of those cool free services
that eventually shuts down due to lack of funds, due to too many
freeloaders like me using their services without paying.

(as an aside, I wish sites like that would start demanding money
from their users before just shutting down entirely; I think ml.org
was one of the first really popular dynamic dns hostname services,
and I seem to remember they just disappeared one day when they
ran out of resources or something, breaking thousands of URLs
and email addresses at once.)

I just saw this press release announcing that dyndns.org has donated
$20k to the Perl Foundation, so they must be doing OK:


> Press Release
> DynDNS.org Announces $20,000 Donation To Perl Foundation /
> January 18, 2002
> Contact: Jeremy Hitchcock, Media Relations -
>    media-relations@dyndns.org - 508-981-1207
> NASSAU, BAHAMAS - Dynamic DNS Network Services, LLC, more commonly
> known to the Internet community as DynDNS.org, announced today that it
> would contribute $20,000 to the Perl Foundation. This donation was
> presented to Larry Wall, inventor of Perl, today on board the ms
> Veendam as part of [44]GeekCruises.com's Perl Whirl 2002 cruise, with
> Neil Bauman, Captain and CEO, as the MC for the event.

It's tempting to go on one of those geek cruises sometime (tempting
at least in part because I could write off the cost of the trip,
or even better, get work to pay for it), but I think it might just
end up a frustrating experience: too much geeking to be a proper
vacation, and too many distractions to allow for proper geeking.

> "Thanks primarily to Perl and other Open Source technologies, we are
> able to provide DNS services to over 180,000 members of the Internet
> community", said Tim Wilde, founder and chief executive officer of
> DynDNS.org. "This is our way of giving back to some of the people
> whose tireless devotion to writing quality software has enabled us to
> provide our services to the Internet community over the past three
> years."
> Added Chris Reinhardt, DynDNS.org chief operations officer and
> architect of the MyDynDNS line of services, "Not only is Perl the core
> technology behind our services, but the Perl community has welcomed us
> both as an organization and as individuals. It seems natural for us to
> share our success with them."
> The donation will be directed to the General Development Fund of the
> Perl Foundation, which provides funding for the continued development
> of Perl via Perl Development Grants. These grants provide salary and
> travel costs to enable exceptional Perl developers to devote their
> time exclusively to improving the language for the benefit of the
> entire Perl community. In response to the announcement, Damian Conway,
> recipient of the 2001 Perl Foundation Development Grant, said, "This
> is an extraordinary example of corporate leadership in the Perl
> community. Doubly so as it comes from a young and dynamic company in a
> time of wide-spread restraint. Generous, community-spirited,
> remarkable." Larry Wall reacted by saying, "Wow! I've seen crowd
> surfing before, but I've never done it myself. It's a fabulous feeling
> to throw yourself out over the mosh pit and find yourself so solidly
> supported. The future is bright for both Perl and the community that
> brings it to life. Wow!"
> "This gesture by DynDNS is a significant investment in Perl, and shows
> their direct support for the ongoing work," said Kevin Lenzo, Chairman
> of the Perl Foundation.

...and creator of infobot! I met him at YAPC::NA in Montreal last year.

> "We hope to repay them and the Perl community by direct
> contribution to a vibrant, robust, elegant and powerful Perl 6."
> "We hope that this donation will provide a kick-start to others who
> use Perl, both corporations and individuals, to help the Perl
> Foundation reach their funding goals for this year," added Tim Wilde.
> "The people who have been expending so much time and effort to develop
> Perl 6 really need the help of the community, and we hope to be able
> to start something bigger than we could possibly do ourselves."
> Casey West, the "geek" who helped facilitate and coordinate the
> donation, was also enthusiastic about the impact this donation will
> have on the Perl community. "I feel confident that this generous
> donation on the part of DynDNS.org will help galvanize others in the
> community into doing their part to help Perl continue to grow and
> mature. Thanks, guys, I was glad to be a part of this!"
> About The Perl Foundation
> The Perl Foundation, a creation of the Yet Another Society, a
> 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization with a mission to advance
> collaborative efforts in Computer Science and Information Technology.
> The Perl Foundation coordinates the Perl Mongers, perlmonks, the
> international Yet Another Conferences, and the Perl Development
> Grants. More information on the Perl Foundation is available at
> [45]http://www.perl-foundation.org/.
> About DynDNS.org
> Founded in 1998 by a tightly-knit group of volunteers, Dynamic DNS
> Network Services, LLC (DynDNS.org) is a global leader in dynamic DNS
> solutions. Using its network of globally-distributed DNS servers,
> DynDNS.org provides over 260,000 DNS names, including 5,000
> personalized domain names. A devoted member of the Internet community
> funded primarily by donations, DynDNS.org provides its basic services
> for free, while more personalized MyDynDNS services require a small,
> one-time donation. More information on DynDNS.org is available at
> [46]http://www.dyndns.org/.
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