Comparison of new search engines: Teoma & WISEnut


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I had a look at the new search engines that everybody is talking
about: Teoma[1] and WISEnut[2].

They both have Google[3]-like answers.

I wasn't too impressed by Teoma, because they haven't indexed many
pages yet. On the other hand, WISEnut has more pages (1,495,332,308 vs
1,346,966,000) indexed than Google!

Moreover, the results are very similar. See for example Google's
results for an search on "xslt"[4] compared to WISEnut's[5]. Moreover,
WISEnut has a really cool feature called WISEguide[6] which
categorizes the results.

Last but not least, both Teoma and WISEnut index URIs containing "@",
which is not Google's case[7]; you can therefore have results from

It seems that WISEnut is really cool and I might use it instead of
Google for a while.

Hugo Haas <> -
I love it when a plan comes together! -- John "Hannibal" Smith

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