idea: screensaver tuned to current music selection


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The screensaver on my desktop system displays images at random
from my personal photo collection. [1] It's really cool; rough
notes/code on my implementation: [2]

I was just listening to 54-40 and was thinking it would be cool
if my screensaver adapted its selection of images automatically
depending what is currently playing [3] on my MP3 jukebox, since I
happen to have some good photos of 54-40 handy. [4]

But I don't have photos related to most the music in my collection,
so it would be better to get them from the Web a la webcollage. [5]
That should be a fairly straightforward hack to webcollage/xscreensaver;
I'll have to try it sometime. (probably using google's image search [6])

hmm... I would love to hack this up now but I better not; too much
to do this week.

[2] notes on xscreensaver-based slide show stuff (needs work):

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