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A couple weekends ago (Feb 23-25) I went snowboarding at Loon Mountain
in New Hampshire with Wendy, Liz and some of their friends. I took
some photos [1] of dinner and stuff, but none of boarding because I
only had my video camera with me on the hill.

This was my second time snowboarding, the first being a day in
Whistler earlier last month. (well, I also tried it for a couple
hours last year in Jasper, but spent the whole day on my butt and
several weeks in pain afterwards from a bruised rib or something,
so I don't think that counts.)

My learning-to-snowboard experience was consistent with what a few
people told me about it beforehand: the first couple days aren't
much fun and it has a steeper learning curve than skiing, but once
you get it, you pick it up faster than skiing.

So about halfway during my first day at Loon I was fairly comfortable
with it, and on the second day we got a bunch of fresh snow which made
it even easier and I had no problem flying down blue runs without

It was awesome! Cruising through fresh powder on a snowboard is
so much fun. I love skiing, but I think I will probably switch to
boarding from now on except maybe for a day or two of skiing once
in a while as a change from boarding. Maybe boarding at Loon was
exceptionally fun because I finally 'got it' after a couple days
of frustrating learning, but in any case I can't wait to go again.

I would really like to go soon to take advantage of the recent
snowstorm in the northeastern states. Jay Peak reports a whopping
46 inches of snow in the last couple days! (it's in northern Vermont,
a couple hours from Montreal, probably a 4 hr drive from each of
Ottawa and Boston.)

> 2000-01 Total SnowFall To Date: 444" (1110 cm)!!!

> Forecasters for our region have been way off concerning snow
> totals as we received 46"+ (115+ CM) for the entire storm.
> After originally reporting 28-32" this morning, we physically
> went out on the mountain and re-measured in many areas and have
> found a new total of over 40"+ in the past 24 hrs. We then picked
> up an additional 6" during the day today for a grand total of
> 46"!
> All this new snow has refreshed all glades providing DEEP powder
> throughout.  Winds are subsiding which will allow for all lifts
> to operate on Wednesday morning. If you are skeptical of the
> winds, please feel free to call ahead (802)988-2611.
> Those looking for the deep powder experience, then head to Jay
> Peak. This storm front dumped heavily on Jay Peak and nothing
> north of the border (Mtl and North). If you were thinking of
> heading north of the border, we recommend that you make a pit
> stop at Jay Peak and set up camp. With temps in the low 20's,
> powder on Wednesday morning will be like no other. Known as the
> powder mecca of the East, Jay Peak will not disappoint.
> For skiers & riders who look for carving on packed powder, we
> will have something for you to. Our groomers have been hard at
> work since 4 PM packing and grooming as much as of this new snow
> as possible.
> Sooooooooo.....with spring break upon us, there is no need to
> spend thousands of dollars going west or heading south when you
> can ski Jay Peak. Super grooming nightly and awesome glades can
> give you an awesome ski vacation this spring break. Once you try
> us, you'll see why skiers & riders keep coming back for more.
> Until the end of the season!

I'm really tempted to take off this Thurs and Fri and head down
there to take advantage of this new snow. Anyone else wanna go?
I wonder how much the conditions will change by this weekend.


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