Re: Air France sucks


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On Wed, May 17, 2000, Gerald Oskoboiny wrote:
> Air France sucks! They managed to find no less than six ways to
> delay my arrival in Amsterdam:
>   1. flight to Paris arrived 20 minutes late
>   2. ground crew was on strike (of course)

Welcome to France! Since I arrived in Paris a few days ago, the guys
carrying money to the cash dispensers are on strike (so you can't have
cash), the students in medicine are on strike, and I just heard of
another one on the radio....

> And once I finally arrived in Amsterdam, they had misplaced my
> pack and I had to wait for it to be delivered to my hotel, four
> hours later.

They had lost my bag too. But it only took half an hour to get it back.
Food was good on the plane though, and that's the first time that I saw
ear plugs provided on a plane.

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