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> Monday, 17 Jan 2000 at 9:32 PM EST
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> Q: Losharic: Dave, If this question is too personal, then
> please ignore it. I'm just fascinated with your "drive" to
> success. I truly appreciate it, as a stockholder and as an
> individual. You have put together a great enterprise, and were
> rewarded accordingly. Yet, you show such a day to day hunger to
> make it bigger, better, brighter. What is your motivation? Is
> it a proliferation of Internet to reach people? Make their
> lives better? I think that the vast majority of people (me
> included), will probably retire, or will do something else,
> after they reach fame, security, and authority in any chosen
> field of their professional life. What are your 5, 10 years
> goals?
> A: This is a unique moment in human history. The Internet
> changes not only every major industry, but the way people
> communicate with and understand one another. It's a chance to
> wipe the slate clean of so many mistakes and start over. Sea
> changes of this magnitude have never occured before in such a
> short period of time. Gutenberg's metallic movable press, the
> Industrial Revolution, Noyce's integrated circuit, Ventor's
> human genome project, and Berners Lee's WWW. To be able to play
> a roll that can make a difference is a privelege not to be
> wasted by anyone. Every day is an incredible adventure in
> creating a part of the future. Certainly, it is unlikely I will
> ever get another chance to see such a great show from such a
> great seat.
> As for longer term goals, I do not foresee anything in addition
> to CMGI for me, other than working with the foundation CMGI has
> made possible.
> As for goals for CMGI, I would like to see it become the most
> successful business model for the new economy.
> David

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