Setting up ipod with Linux; using gtkpod


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Hello all,

After several years of using an Archos Jukebox (PDF specs [1]; I
can't find a page for the device on the archos site), I got an
iPod yesterday. For the moment I have installed gtkpod [2] for
uploading to it. I followed these instructions for automatic
mounting [3] using udev and autofs. However, there is a bug in
the howto. Below is a short summary of what I needed to do for

I see lots of resources out there given the search terms "ipod"
and "linux". I welcome any pointers. I stopped looking as soon as
I could copy some music to the iPod, but I suspect there's a lot
more fun to be had.

- Ian

P.S. The Archos has nice features: at the time it was bulky but
much less expensive than the iPod, with the ability to record
sound and also some adapters (e.g., to read compact flash cards)
that came with it by default. I never used the built-in
camera. However, I've replaced the battery once and even after
replacing it, I'm not satisfied with the battery life.=20


Udev, automount

a) /etc/udev/rules.d/50-custom.rules contains:

  BUS=3D=3D"scsi", SYSFS{vendor}=3D=3D"Apple", NAME{all_partitions}=3D"ipo=

  The bug in [3] is that "=3D" should not be used for all four
  statements; note "=3D=3D" in the first two.

b) /etc/auto.master contains
  /var/autofs/removable /etc/auto.removable --timeout=3D2

c) /etc/auto.removable contains

  ipod -fstype=3Dvfat,rw,gid=3D46,umask=3D002 :/dev/ipod

  With respect to [3], I had to change /dev/ipod1 to /dev/ipod .

d) /media/ipod is a symlink to /var/autofs/removable/ipod

Ian Jacobs ([email protected])
Tel:                     +1 718 260-9447

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