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On Thu, 2004-12-09 at 08:42 -0600, Ian B. Jacobs wrote:

Whoops...premature send. Continuing the list (and noting that I haven't
looked closely at the documentation on these matters):

> So far I observe that:
>  * It's slow.

This is a big downer and I hope that performance improves very soon.

>  * I move some email to various folders, and there was a type-ahead=20
>    feature for selecting the target mailbox in evolution 1.4 that is=20
>    not yet in 2.0.
>  * I miss the shortcut bar (especially for returning quickly to the
>    inbox).

* There's no "stop" button. I used that when evolution would go off=20
 into the weeds and yesterday I had to kill the process to get it to
 stop churning.

* I tried to use the overlay feature by supplying a URI to a=20
 password-protected ics file. I didn't see any way to furnish a=20
 username/password outside of the URI itself. A workaround might
 involve an ssh forward but I expected it to be easier.

* There's more support for fighting spam, which I haven't tested.

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