mt-daap (firefly), aaa, and metadata


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I'm rebuilding my music library. I am taking advantage of a server
that's not doing much right now and under ubuntu ripping my collection
with grip [1]. Grip seems to work fine except for this weird bug:

 * If I rip a first CD, it ejects the CD when finished
 * After it rips the next CD, it starts the rip process again....

So I have to pay attention more than I'd like to make sure I stop
the CD after grip has finished. I haven't looked around to see whether
this is a known bug.

The biggest problem, however, is that when I feed the resulting aac
files to firefly (mt-daapd) [2], it spits out errors when trying to  
build the
database of songs. Apparently iTunes manages the metadata wherever
it is, because the same files show up correctly in iTunes even if not
indexed by firefly.

It looks like the reason is that the metadata needs to be at the  
of the aac file rather than at the end (where grip is putting it).

There's a tool called mp4creator (part of mpeg4ip [3] in the server
package) that has an optimize feature. I ran it over an aac file and
it rewrote the file in place.

I don't have the definitive reference that this is the right analysis,
but for now the optimization seems to have allowed firefly to index  
the file.

 _ Ian

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